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Coming March 3rd...

A Civil War Presentation


     The public is invited to a Coopersville Area Historical Society program on the Civil War to be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 3 at the Coopersville Area District Library. The presentation, “Ottawa County Goes to War,” will be given by Civil War historian Dave Broene.

     Dave will speak about three of the many brave Ottawa County soldiers serving in the War from 1861-65. Two of them were enlisted men and one was an officer. One returned home with no permanent injury, one returned with a wound that crippled him for life and the other was killed in action at Gettysburg.

     For many years, Dave has given presentations and taught classes on the War. He has studied Civil War and other history for nearly 40 years. Dave, an Allendale businessman, has even been an extra in two Civil War movies.


Join us at:


The Coopersville Area District Library

333 Ottawa St.

Coopersville MI



Pictured above is Reuben Randall, who lived in Lamont after the Civil War. He will be one of the subjects our speaker will be talking about.

Stop by the museum and see a large and impressive model of the County Poor Farm barn that was built in the early 1930s, while it is temporarily on display at the Museum.      More info...


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