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A Special Presentation - April 5th

     Valerie Marvin, the Michigan Capitol Historian and Curator, will come to Coopersville on Thursday, April 5 to give a special presentation for the Coopersville Area Historical Society. The public is invited to hear her speak at 7 p.m. in the Community Room of the Coopersville Area District Library, 333 Ottawa Street. On that evening, Valerie's interesting program will be like a journey through nearly 150 years of Capitol history - see the Michigan  Capitol building as it was, has been and is today.

    Her presentation, "The Michigan State Capitol Construction, Evolution, Restoration and Renewal," emphasizes how the building has had to evolve and adapt to changing times since its formal dedication in 1879. Technical advances such as electricity, telephones and other inventions have brought about renovations, upgrades and preservation projects to the historic structure.

    In the beginning of Michigan's statehood, the capitol and seat of government was temporarily in Detroit but was to be later moved to a permanent location. Lansing, then still quite a wilderness, was chosen for its central location in the Lower Peninsula. In 1847, a temporary capitol building was completed in Lansing. Construction on the current Capitol began in 1872 and was finished six years later at the end of 1878.

    Work still continues so that the Capitol's functionality, sustainability and preservation will be assured for future generations. A major renewal of the Capitol's exterior and grounds was completed in 2016. At present, the building is undergoing an extensive mechanical upgrade.


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